Post Merger Integration Remediation – China

March 9, 2023

In connection with a U.S. manufacturer’s acquisition of a China-based competitors, a FCPA-themed due diligence investigation was performed that revealed inappropriate relationships with members of the Chinese military including a series of improper payments.   The team worked with the client’s General Counsel, Internal Audit executives and outside counsel to develop and implement a series of compliance remediation steps as part of a Compliance Action Plan (CAP).  The CAP required the acquisition target to take a series of steps to remediate its internal controls, compliance program and business operation and included severing customer ties with the Chinese military.   Subsequent to the implementation of the Compliance Action Plan, a specialized audit was performed to measure if the agreed upon remediation steps had been taken.   The audit confirmed that the acquisition target had largely complied with the remediation plan and the deal was able to move forward to closing.