Data Leakage Investigation

November 14, 2022

A WCF executive had a leadership role in one of the largest data analytics investigations ever conducted. A major technology company which makes apps available to its customers via its platform performed a large-scale investigation of how app developers using its platform utilized customer data. An initial review of app developer behavior centered on the number of users, the volume of data being consumed by those users and the apps potential for abuse. A subset of those developers were then subject to a more intensive technical analysis of their activity on the platform. This signal analysis then led to certain developers being subjected to more rigorous technical reviews, the requirement that they complete in-depth questionnaires, and be subjected to public record background investigations. Given the high public profile of the investigation, the company and its outside counsel used the results of the data analysis and background investigations to provide updates to the public, its customers, regulators and law enforcement agencies and provided ultimately enabled the company to enter into settlements with consumer protection and regulatory agencies.