Purchase Order Fraud and Reshipping Scheme Investigation – IT Outsourcing Company

November 14, 2022

A U.S. based outsourced IT help desk and IT consulting firm’s many suppliers of computer hardware, software and peripherals were being defrauded by several theft rings who were submitting fraudulent purchase orders as though the purchases were for the company when in fact the “ship to” address was for addresses that were not identifiable with the company. This misuse of the company’s lines of credit with its various suppliers resulted in numerous suppliers being victimized and unwittingly shipping items like laptop computers, printers and other valuable items to private homes of individuals who were unknowingly participating in the receipt and reshipment of stolen goods to destinations in West Africa. The investigation identified all of the victim suppliers and assisted the company in proactively communicating with each supplier reminding them of their procurement procedures and warning them of the ongoing purchase order and reshipping schemes targeting them.