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  • Transportation Company Equipment Theft Investigation

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    On behalf of a major global transportation company, White Collar Forensic performed an internal investigation of the suspected theft of equipment.  The investigation included in-depth background investigations of suspect employees, the acquisition and analysis of over 4 million emails and electronically stored evidence, imaging and analysis of computer hard drives, witness and admission-seeking interviews, forensic accounting and loss quantification analyses, and preparation of a detailed investigative report in support of a fidelity insurance proof of loss. The matter also entailed the making of a criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney's Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation and the joint performance of a root cause analysis together with an ad hoc team assembled by the chief compliance officer to identify internal control gaps for remediation. The investigation documented the theft of nearly $7 million of equipment, led to a successful criminal referral and an insurance claim which was paid at its maximum face value.