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    A European metals manufacturer received a series of allegations via its confidential reporting hotline and in emails to the audit committee, customers and other key stakeholders in which the reporter alleged that the general manager of their Chinese manufacturing plant was involved in vendor kickbacks, improper dismissals to create opportunities for friends and family members and sexual harassment and assault.  The ensuing investigation included background investigations of the China GM, a review of email communications, human resources employment and dismissal records and employee onboarding and ultimately, an interview with the GM.  None of which served to corroborate the allegations.  The investigation concluded with a report listing out the various investigative steps performed in an effort to corroborate the allegations which served to support the decision to close the investigation with no further action.  It also included an outbound email to the whistleblower dignifying his allegations, explaining the fact that the company took his allegations seriously and investigated them but was not able to prove what he had alleged.   No further allegations were received from this whistleblower.